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Visiting our church for the first time?

If you are visiting us for the first time on the web or in person, WELCOME! We know that the first time you visit a church you may have basic questions that need answering. Where are you located? What should I wear? What can I expect during the service? Here is a quick look at the answers to these kinds of questions plus links to additional information.

Where is the Congregational Church Brookfield?

We are easy to find! We're located at the junction of routes 25 and 133 in Brookfield, Connecticut.  We are across the street from the Historical Society and just down the road from the library.  For those who prefer using a GPS, our official street address is 160 Whisconier Road, Brookfield, CT 06804. 

What kind of church is the Congregational Church of Brookfield?

We like to think the Congregational Church of Brookfield (CCB) is a friendly, active, music-filled place graced with humor, warmth, and acceptance. As we like to say: “No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.” We are an “Open and Affirming” congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC). To find out more about the United Church of Christ, please visit

Do I have to be a Christian to worship at CCB?

No! We welcome all guests. If you are “shopping” for a church, please come to a few services to see if we might be the right home for you. At every service you will find a welcome table with information and resources for our guests.

What time are services?

We have two services on Sundays at 8:30 and 10:30am. Occasionally, there will be services at different times – such as on Christmas Eve or Maundy Thursday. These exceptions will be noted clearly on our website’s homepage.

What should I wear?

You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you look around at the congregation during the service, you’ll see some folks in jeans and others in suits or dresses. It’s all good.

Where do I park?

Parking is available in an “upper” lot, which is closest to the front door of our building, and also in a “lower” lot around back. There are visibly marked spots available for our guests with disabilities.

How do I enter the church?

You can enter the building through just about any door, and one of our friendly members will be happy to help guide you the service.

The large, double, front doors open directly to the back of the Meetinghouse (the sanctuary space where we gather to worship). To get to these doors, follow the sidewalk from the upper parking lot. You may enter even if the doors are closed, which they may be in inclement weather. Once inside, you will be met by a greeter and can pick up a printed “bulletin,” which contains that day’s prayers and hymns and will help you join in and follow the order of our worship service.

You may also enter via the door in the building’s courtyard, also easily accessible from the upper parking lot. (Follow the path that leads toward the Church Office.) Once you are inside the building, simply walk up the stairs to the right to enter Brooks Hall, which is adjacent and open to the Meetinghouse. (There are greeters and bulletins at this entrance, too.) For those with difficulty with stairs, an elevator is available here.

From the lower parking lot, you can either walk up the outside stairs (to the right if you are looking at the back of the church) to one of the entrances already described. Or you may “cut through” our post-service gathering space (which we refer to as Fellowship Hall) and wind your way through the inside of the building to get to the Meetinghouse upstairs. If you feel lost, simply ask anyone you see; they will happily show you where to go. There is unfortunately NO ELEVATOR available from Fellowship Hall to the upper courtyard level.  People with disabilities should enter through the courtyard, or via the front ramp up to Brooks Hall.

Note: In the summer months, the 8:30 service is held outside (weather permitting) in our Outdoor Chapel. It’s situated among a grove of trees located toward the back of the lower parking lot, just behind the Memorial Garden. On rainy summer Sundays, you will see worshippers gathering inside Fellowship Hall, which is easily visible and accessible from the back parking lot.

What is a church service like?

The order of worship is similar at both services, and worship includes opportunities for everyone to sing and pray. There are readings from the Bible and a sermon that will encourage you to think about what you believe and how you will live out those beliefs in the world.  We celebrate the sacrament of communion each week during the 8:30 service and on the first Sunday of each month at the 10:30 am service.

When you enter the church, take a Sunday bulletin from one of our greeters, and you will have no trouble following along. All of the prayers are there, as well as the hymns we will be singing and numbers to be able to find them in our hymnal. 

After the service we invite everyone down to Fellowship Hall for some coffee, treats, and conversation with friends old and new.

We have a wonderful music ministry, with multiple choirs who share their talents during 10:30 worship. The adult choir sings weekly, and each of our children choirs and bell choirs participate in 10:30 worship about once a month. For more about our music program look here.

Is there Communion?

We celebrate communion every week at the 8:30 service and on the first Sunday of every month at the 10:30 service, as well as during special services and holidays. When our pastors begin to serve Communion, they invite to the table all who “seek to know the Risen Christ,” in the sacrament.  All are welcome to participate, including children (at the discretion of their parents).

What about children? Is there Sunday school?

We love kids—even screaming babies. However, parents should know that we do provide infant and toddler child care during both services. In addition, older children can pick up an activity booklet to work on during service (in case they find some parts a little boring).

All children are welcome to join in the first part of the service most Sundays. They get to enjoy a special “Time for Children” sermon before being dismissed for Sunday school. We have one Sunday School class for pre-k to 6th grade at the 8:30 service and multiple age-graded classes up to 8th grade at the 10:30 service. We have Confirmation classes for our 9th graders, who are invited to join the congregation as full members each spring.

Our Sunday school is a fun experience, and even kids visiting from out of town for the day or coming for the first time are welcome to attend. The material is taught in such a way that no child will feel as though they are “behind” any time they attend.

While all children are welcome to join Sunday school at any time, it is also perfectly fine if your child would rather stay in church with you for the entire service. For more on our Sunday school program look here.

What does CCB believe? 

We do not require our members to assent to a lengthy set of doctrines or memorize a creed. We do agree to follow Jesus as our Lord, and recognize Christ as the head of our church. This belief is the central focus of our faith as a fellowship of growing Christians. We relish our history as Congregationalists with that long-held tradition of the autonomy of each congregation and the belief that each individual has a direct relationship with God. We are a richly diverse people of God celebrating the unity we share in Jesus the Christ. While we affirm our individuality, we are thankful to be joined as a part of a fellowship, where “when two or three gather in Jesus name” God is found more fully in our midst. We invite you to journey with us in the quest for meaning, hope, and purpose. 

I am not certain what I believe; can I come anyway?

Yes! And you don’t have to feel guilty or hypocritical about it, either. We believe faith is a journey and all are welcome no matter where they find themselves on that journey.

Does going to CCB make me a member of the church?

Not officially. While all are welcome to attend church services and participate in almost all of our programs and activities, church members—we who have affirmed publicly in covenant that, yes, this is the place and the people among whom we make our faith home—enjoy various rights and responsibilities. Together, members are stewards of this local church and all its properties and ministries. Therefore, church members are voting “shareholders” in the business of the congregation. Members also support the church with a portion of our time, talent, and financial resources. For more information about becoming a member, look here.

What does it mean that the CCB is “open and affirming”?

Statement from the United Church of Christ:

“To say that a setting of the United Church of Christ (a local church, campus ministry etc.) is “Open and Affirming” means that it has publicly and specifically declared that those of all “sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions” (or “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” people) are welcome in its full life and ministry (e.g. membership, leadership, employment, etc.). It bespeaks a spirit of hospitality and a willingness to live out that welcome in meaningful ways.”

Statement of the Congregational Church of Brookfield:

“With the help of God's grace, we celebrate the total identity of all people created in the image of God. We continue to follow the call of Jesus to love God and neighbor by cherishing and honoring people regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, gender, age, economic status, physical, or mental ability. We therefore actively welcome all to share in the full life and leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, sacraments, responsibilities and blessings of participation in our congregation.”

Where can I get more information about CCB?

Please visit more pages on our website to get a better sense of who we are and what we have to offer. If you would like more information, please email us at or call us at (203) 775-1259.


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