Church Operations

Church Council

Church Council


To serve as the Policy and Planning body of the church.

What does the Church Council do?

  • Plans how we can best be a Church of Jesus Christ.

  • Formulates Policy of the church.

  • Is responsible for the ordinary business of the church between congregational meetings.

  • Serves as the legal trustees of the church.

  • Prepares, recommends, and oversees the church's operating budget.

  • Is responsible for all personnel matters relating to church staff and pastoral relations.

When do you meet?

2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm, Brooks Hall

Members are always welcome to attend and observe the Council meetings. To be added to the agenda of the monthly meeting, please contact the Vice Moderator

Committee Chairs and Church Council Reps

Moderator: Dave Goral
Vice Moderator:  Robin Murphy
Clerk: Kathy Wandelmaier
Treasurer: Greg Dorrell
Assistant Treasurer: Kristi McPadden
Investment Treasurer:  Audrey Himebaugh


Committee Chairs

Christian Ed Melanie Shapiro
Church House  Ken Arifian
Church-in-Society Becky Bishop
Deacons Sherrie Ruschmeyer
Fellowship Kelly Kelly
Nominating TBD
Stewardship Sally Markiewicz
Welcome   Tom Young
Worship  Patty Moran


Church Council Representatives 

Christian Ed Wendy Elsen
Church House  Steve Waschak
Church-in-Society Luke Duval
Deacons Leslie Sands
Fellowship Sara Cline
Historian             Bob Brown
Nominating TBD
Stewardship Tom Brown
Welcome   Jean Dorrell
Worship  Martha Parvis


Long-Range Planning Committee

Michael Matson (chair) Roman D’Alessandro
Maurice Downey Deseré Edwards
Cindy Field Sian Hunter
Larry Ruschmeyer  


Pastoral Relations Committee

Robin Murphy (chair) Gordon Markiewicz
Bob Lambert Larry Ruschmeyer
Carol Eagan  


Personnel Committee

Dave Goral (chair) Robin Murphy
Bryn Smallwood-Garcia Olivia Quinsland
Bill Robertson Karen Underhill
Rick Hardin  



Senior Pastor Rev. Bryn Smallwood-Garcia
Associate Pastor Rev. Jennifer Whipple


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