Church Operations

Church House Committee

Church House Committee


To oversee all matters concerning all church properties which include the church building, parsonage, barn, cottage, and grounds

What does the Church House Committee do?

  • Maintains church building and grounds
  • Approves and oversees facility/property use by outside organizations
  • Equips church kitchens with basic supplies
  • Oversees decorating and renovations of church buildings
  • Complies with local and state regulations

When do you meet?

4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 in the upstairs kitchen

2013-2014 Church House Committee Members

Ken ArifianChair
Larry RuschmeyerCouncil Rep
Jack Brown 
John Mangold 
Keith Stewart 
Steve Sullivan 
Walter Ostrom
Lori Capobianco 
Melanie Shapiro 
Jim Degen 
* - Indicates non-voting committee member

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