How Do I Join?


People often ask how they can get involved in the church, perhaps with the intention of eventually joining the church.  The answer is really quite simple, just come...


Come share in worship

Come join in the fellowship

Come and become a part of the ministry

Many assume they must join first and then become involved.  That of course makes little sense.  It would be akin to  marrying your spouse first and then beginning the dating process.  Our invitation and hope is that you will come and find out more about us and our ministries.

Joining in covenant membership is a statement that, yes, this is the place and the people among whom we make our faith home.  Joining says that “you are a part of us” and “we are a part of you.”  It also means you become a voting "shareholder" in the business of the congregation, and that you have made a commitment to attend church regularly, to serve on a church committee or outreach ministry where you feel called and where you are able to participate, to attempt to increase your faith through regular prayer and study, and to pledge a portion of your income to the work and ministries of our church. 

We welcome new members three times a year: our ninth-grade confirmation class joins late in the spring and adult members typically join at one of two "new member" Sunday worship services -- one in late spring and the other in the fall.  Prior to joining, you will want to attend a "Visitors Gathering," to meet some of our church leaders and other "inquirers" like yourself, and to get more information about our church.  We always welcome your questions, and we invite you to make an appointment to talk privately with a pastor if you prefer.  After you join, you will have one of the 12 deacons assigned to your family, who would welcome you to call on him or her if you are ever in need.

For more information about joining the Congregational Church of Brookfield,
please call the church office at 203-775-1259.


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