A Message From The Deacons

Deacon Branch Information

What is a Deacon Branch?

When new Deacons join us, as they did this year, some “Branch” assignments have to change.  For that reason, we’ve begun doing an annual “Commissioning” of our new Deacon team in early May during both the 8:30 and 10:30 worship – publicizing the list of Deacons and their alphabetical “branches.” 


Your Deacon Branch provides a way for you to have a specific member of the Board with whom to relate.  If you have requests or concerns that you’d like to share with a lay person, your Deacon is available.  Naturally, if you’re more comfortable calling one of the other deacons, or one of your pastors, please feel free to do so.  Such requests or concerns might include:


• a need for prayer

• a request for help (transport to a doctor’s appointment, church function, etc.)
• a sorrow (illness, accident, death)

• a joy (a birth, graduation, upcoming wedding, etc.)

• something that particularly pleases you, or would better meet your needs in the worship service


Remember, if you don’t know your Deacon, ask someone to introduce you.
He or she will look forward to meeting you – in church or out!

Deacon Branches 2017-2018


Leslie Sands


Doug Fisher


Jan Labas


Sherrie Ruschmeyer


Pete Lane


Sue Boughton


Alex DeLucia


Mary Gallagher DeLucia


Marie Immohr


Ed Insull


Greg Labas



Chris Wutzl
Catie Coneybear



Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month.  If you or someone you know is unable to attend the Sunday services and wish to have communion brought to your home, please contact your Deacon or one of the Ministers.  We would be pleased to offer this sacrament and pray that you will keep us informed of any family needs.

Rides to Church

Would you like to attend our Sunday services or other special events? We have several volunteers who have offered to assist with transportation. If you are in need of a ride to Church please call the church office or your deacon. We would be happy to arrange a ride for you so that you may come and worship with us.


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