A Message From
Stewardship Team 2018


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We are part of something
greater than ourselves!


With Grace, Gratitude, &
Generosity, together we can


YOU are invited to participate in God’s work of transforming yourself, Christ’s church, and the world this coming year by

  • becoming a new pledge donor, committing to a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual gift for the first time

  • renewing or increasing your pledge, as you are financially able

  • making a larger, bolder pledge or tithe than ever before

Please prayerfully consider your pledge amount and return your pledge card on or before Sunday, February 25th.

Your pledge is creating opportunities to serve!

How a pledge can transform you

Giving draws us into closer relationship
with God through community.

“For it is in giving that we receive.”
                —St. Francis of Assisi

How your pledge supports our
CCB Vision

<span font-family:="" lucida="" handwriting;="" color:="" #0070c0;="" font-style:="" italic;="" font-weight:="" bold"=""> MAKE JESUS YOUR MENTOR

  • PRAY:  Supporting faith through worship, study, and caring love

  • SHARE:  Teaching children values and healthy choices, making new disciples to serve the world

  • WELCOME:  Maintaining a safe and functional space for our worship and outreach ministries

Helping our local community

  • Inspiring and enabling gifts to Brookfield Social Services, Loaves & Fishes, and interfaith ministries

  • Providing space for donating and volunteering at our Thrift Shop

  • Offering weekly use of our building to town groups like AA, and opening to all at the Yankee Fair

Reaching out to the world

  • Funding our annual CIS pledge to Our Church’s Wider Mission

  • Supporting our lay leaders and pastors in leading us in mission


·  an unmerited gift from God, grace flows, inspiring change


·  how we respond to the gifts
of grace received


·  cooperating with God’s vision for building the Kingdom 

Giving a Pledge

·  Participating in God’s vision by committing to give regularly

We are blessed both in receiving and giving.  Remember, our labors and gifts of love build community.

Together we are transformed!

We invite you to join us in

Living the

Our Pledge Budget for 2018-19:


CCB counts on your pledge to help us fulfill our vision.

Where your pledge dollars go:

Your pledge dollars come together to serve our congregation, the local community and reach far beyond!

Congregational Church of Brookfield

An Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ

160 Whisconier Road, Brookfield CT 06804

Online giving can be managed
through our new secure 

Online Giving App

To delete your prior Vanco account, click here or please call
(203) 775-1259 or email (office@uccb.org) Jeannine at the church office.


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