Who We Are...

Rooted in the Past

       Alive in the Present

              Focused on the Future


Who We Are

The Congregational Church of Brookfield is a local congregation of the United Church of Christ – a mainline Protestant denomination in the United States.


We Believe

            Jesus Christ is our Lord.

This belief is the central focus of our faith as a fellowship of growing Christians.  We  relish our history as Congregationalists with that long held tradition of the autonomy of each congregation . . . and the belief that each individual has a direct relationship with God.  


One in Christ

We are a richly diverse people of God celebrating the unity we share in Jesus the Christ.  While we affirm our individuality, we are thankful to be joined as a part of a fellowship, where “when two or three gather in Jesus name” God is found more fully in our midst.


A Ministry for You

We invite you to journey with us in the quest for meaning, hope, and purpose. 

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