January 24 — Rev. Jennifer Whipple
“Continual Communication”

Join us for virtual worship  as we consider not only the ways that God speaks to us, but the ways we communicate with God and how we share our faith with others.  Are we only communicating when we sit or kneel down to pray?  Do we need words?  What are some of the ways we are perhaps in continual communication with God?  What do others know of our faith and the passions to which it directs us?  Pastor Jen will share some thoughts on these questions in her message "Continual Communication" this weekend based on 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 and 5:13-24. 

We are blessed to have some of our church family members join us in leadership for Sunday's worship, including Wendy Elsen who will share a message on behalf of our Stewardship Committee and Serina Quinsland who will be our scripture reader from out-of-state through the power of technology.  We will also have some beautiful originally composed piano music from our Music Director, Toni Sullivan, and a new virtual anthem, "God Is Here Today" , from our combined Alleluia & Chancel Choirs.  You can join us for our weekly Kids' Worship service too with our special guest, Miss Wendy.  

Virtual Worship

Because of rising Covid-19 infection rates

in our area, Indoor Prayer Meeting has been

CANCELED until further notice.

In Person Prayer Meeting Update: 
We are looking at the possibility of opening back up for in person Indoor Prayer Meetings beginning in February and following all CDC guidelines for safe gatherings during this time. More information will be forthcoming about exact dates and timing and what this will look like. We know that there are many in our church family who are not ready to come back to in person worship opportunities at this time, so know that we will do our best to continue providing meaningful online worship.

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Fair Trade Shopping:
Online SERRV & Sak Saum Sale

This season, we hope you will consider shopping fair trade.   We have special holiday opportunities for you!

SERRV International

Shop and support our fundraiser for SERRV International.  It's never been easier to change a life for the better!  Now thru 2/15/21, when you buy handmade gifts and home decor using the link below, you will also be supporting our partner artisans through SERRV.  CCB is donating the 20% profit back to directly support SERRV's artisans and farmers. So every dollar of your purchase goes to SERRV! You will do a world of good by supporting this Serrv & Earn fundraiser.  We hope you will shop, and please feel free to share this web link with friends and family: External link opens in new tab or windowserrv.org?a=CCBSERRV 
The web link above must be used for SERRV to track purchases for this fundraiser rather than simply opening the SERRV website.  SERRV & Earn orders must be placed online.  When you see this orange banner at the top of SERRV's homepage...
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Your SERRV & Sak Saum purchases help to provide fair wages, sustainable income, safe working conditions, education and equality.  Thank you so much for your support!

Linda (Siciliano), Karen (Underhill) and Marie (Immohr)

    Pastors Fund Thanks & Information 

Our pastors wish to thank you so much for your generous support of the Pastors Fund during these difficult and ever-changing times.  With your help bills have been paid to cover housing costs, medical bills, and emergency repairs as well as to cover other everyday costs like food, gas, and clothing for members & friends of our church and wider community.  The Pastors Fund is supported through the honorarium from the funerals/memorials that our pastors officiate, as well as through the generous gifts of members and friends of our community.  The Thrift Shop has supported the Pastors Fund with gifts from sale profits, and the Pastors Fund is also one of the options for holiday support through our Virtual Giving Tree this year. 
If you are feeling moved to make a direct gift to the Pastors Fund, gift cards for groceries and gas are always welcome, as are donations made payable to Pastors Fund.

Note from Stewardship Committee

We may not be meeting together these days, but your church is still here, hoping to meet people’s needs, whatever they are.  We are still the church – looking for ways to be God’s hands and feet in the world around us, even when we are not together on Sunday mornings!  SO….

  • Utilities + office supplies = YOUR CHURCH
  • Payroll + Sunday School supplies = YOUR CHURCH
  • Committees + building repair = YOUR CHURCH
  • Supporting needs around us + uplifting music = YOUR CHURCH
  • Choirs + internet and phone service = YOUR CHURCH

Please continue to give to our special church in whatever way you were used to giving before, if you are able, so that your church will be there for you, throughout this crisis, and beyond!

Your Pastors are Here for You!

Pastoral Care Appointments

Both Pastor Bryn and Pastor Jen are also available for individual pastoral care appointments as well either via phone or Zoom.  In fact, their cell phones and the Church Zoom have gotten a lot of mileage this way since our time of quarantine began!  If you have something that you would like to address or speak with one of the pastors about, please feel free to reach out individually to Pastor Bryn (External link opens in new tab or windowbryn@uccb.org or 510-847-4235 cell #) or Pastor Jen (External link opens in new tab or windowjennifer@uccb.org or 203-510-4760 cell #) to set up a time to talk and pray together. Note: Your pastors are trying to take their days off, with "electronic sabbaths," on Wednesday (Bryn) and Friday (Jennifer), so you may not receive an immediate response if you send an email on one of those days.


Worship Opportunities

Friday Morning Meditation

Join Pastor Bryn on Friday from 7-7:30am on Zoom to spend some time in centering prayer and meditation.  This 30 minute virtual opportunity is a great way to start your day with some scripture, meditation and reflection.  Please email Pastor Bryn at External link opens in new tab or windowbryn@uccb.org if you would like to join, and the link will be sent to you via email.

Labyrinth & Children's Garden:

One of our confirmands recently cleaned over at our Labyrinth - making sure the path is clearly outlined and instructions for use of the labyrinth are posted at the beginning.  We encourage people to stop over to the church and use the labyrinth during this nice weather (while maintaining physical distancing practices).  (Note: Our Labyrinth and the story of how it came to be were recently published in a book of New England Labyrinths, so we are excited to share that with people in our area and beyond.)  Work will also begin soon on our Children's Garden, a garden that will be planted in raised beds around our Labyrinth, where kids will be able to remember loved ones and go to play and pray at our church.
Keep an eye on your email, the Congregational Church of Brookfield Facebook Page, or our website on Sunday morning for the links to join us (and please feel free to share the links with family and friends). Afterward, if you are willing to share a photo of you or your family worshipping with us online that may be used on our CCB Facebook page or website, please send it to External link opens in new tab or windowuccbsocialmedia@gmail.com.   If you have missed any of our online worship services you can find them linked below, and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel External link opens in new tab or windowuccbvideo, where our worship services are archived.

 In response to our Governor's orders and in the interest of public safety, our church campus is closed until further notice.
Our ministries continue, however, through our electronic connections.

Know that "No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!"


  You can still reach us by phone at 203-775-1259. (Messages are forwarded via email to the Pastors, who are working from home.)



 At Home Electronic Worship Options


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