In Person Worship, Church School
and Nursery Care
"I Believe Even When..."
Sunday, September 19th

8:30 & 10:30am Worship

Join us as we enter into our second week of our fall worship series, "I Believe Even When..."  In the times in which we live it might be easy to turn around and believe that we are all alone, that God isn't active in the world, that things are just this side of hopeless.  Yet throughout the scriptures we are reminded that God does not leave us and are invited to believe even when it isn't easy.  We hope you will join us throughout this season as we think about the things that help us to believe and have faith in our loving God, even when...

We are back to two services with a brief (30 minute) worship in our Outdoor Chapel at 8:30am (weather permitting) and a 10:30am worship inside our Meetinghouse.  We are grateful to our volunteers who will join with us in worship as greeters, ushers, Media Booth worker, and Scripture readers, as well as to Toni Sullivan and Karen Garren who will be with us to share a beautiful bell duet at our 10:30am worship. 

Note: Nursery Care will be available at both worship services, and Church School will meet at 10:30am - with an aim to be outside for much of their time together.

You can sign up for our worship services, nursery care, and church school at the links below.  Please bring a comfortable mask with you or plan to receive one from our greeter.

Sunday, September 26th, In-Person Worship: 8:30am in the Outdoor Chapel

We will join together in the Outdoor Chapel for a 30 minute in person worship.  You will find the sign up link below.  We ask that people intending to join us for In Person Worship sign up and include how many people and the names of those who will be attending worship with you.  You can register for our In Person Worship using the following link: External link opens in new tab or window

Sunday, September 26th, In-Person Worship: 10:30am in the Meetinghouse

We will join together in the Meetinghouse for our in person worship.  We are looking to keep this service to no more than 45 minutes.  You will find the sign up link below.  We ask that people intending to join us for In Person Worship sign up and include how many people and the names of those who will be attending worship with you.  You can register for our In Person Worship using the following link: External link opens in new tab or window

 In accordance with new Department of Public Health and CDC guidance, we ask everyone to wear a mask for worship and require masks of ALL who will sing during worship and those who are unvaccinated. 

September 26th Nursery Sign Up, In-Person Worship at 8:30am or 10:30am:

Our Nursery is open during our In-Person Worship on Sunday mornings.  There will be special considerations in place to be sure that we keep our children and Miss Debbie safe and healthy to the best of our ability.  If you plan to join us for In-Person Worship and need Nursery care for your child(ren), we invite you to sign your child(ren) up in advance using the following links:

10:30am: External link opens in new tab or window

September 26th In Person 10:30am Church School Sign Up:

Children will begin in their Church School classrooms with their teachers on Sunday morning as they begin this new program year focusing on God's Story told in the Bible.  Children can be signed up for our In Person Church School using the following link: External link opens in new tab or window

Updated Worship Recording Information:

We are recording our in person worship and sharing it to our YouTube page at "uccbvideo" - with hopes that it will be posted there by Sunday afternoon.  Please keep an eye out on our website at External link opens in new tab or for more information and our YouTube account for updated services.  Here is the direct link for last week's, 9/19, recorded Worship: External link opens in new tab or window   

External link opens in new tab or window

Pastors Fund Thanks & Information

Our pastors wish to thank you so much for your generous support of the Pastors Fund during these difficult and ever-changing times.  With your help bills have been paid to cover housing costs, medical bills, and emergency repairs as well as to cover other everyday costs like food, gas, and clothing for members & friends of our church and wider community.  The Pastors Fund is supported through the honorarium from the funerals/memorials that our pastors officiate, as well as through the generous gifts of members and friends of our community.  The Thrift Shop has supported the Pastors Fund with gifts from sale profits, and the Pastors Fund is also one of the options for holiday support through our Virtual Giving Tree this year. 
If you are feeling moved to make a direct gift to the Pastors Fund, gift cards for groceries and gas are always welcome, as are donations made payable to Pastors Fund.


Stewardship Thanks and Reminders

We give God thanks for all of you - the faithful members and friends of our CCB church family - who continue to support the programs, ministries and mission of our church during these strange times.  Many thanks to those who have set their pledge giving on automatic payment schedules, who have made gifts of stock, who have sent checks into the church office, or who have stopped by to say "hello" and drop off an offering.  Many thanks to those who are attending worship and leaving your gifts in the "little white church" on the way in or out on Sunday mornings.  Without your gifts of time, talent, and treasure our church does not function and would be unable to provide the community of faith-filled care and support that we have or to reach beyond the walls offering hope to our wider community and the world. 

Do remember that there are a number of ways you can make gifts to the ministries of our church.  You can give through our PushPay app or set up automatic payment through your bank.  You can offer gifts of stock.  You can write out an old-fashioned check (made payable to CCB) or put cash in your giving envelope.  Whatever way you choose to give, know that it is GREATLY appreciated.  (Note: Be sure to note your pledge number and/or name on your gift so it appears on your end-of-year giving statement.)

We also thank you for your generosity throughout this year in sharing your gifts with our Pastors Fund, through which we have helped members of our church and community with paying rent, medical and  electric bills, purchasing groceries and gas, and more.  If you choose to make a gift to this fund, please make your gift payable to "Pastors Fund". 

Thank you for your commitment, dedication, love, and deep faith shared with CCB through your gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

Yankee Fair, Oct 16, 2021

We’re Back!


Yankee Fair for 2021! Our theme is simple, “We’re Back”! May the Lord support us in this important endeavor in the life of our church.

The Yankee Fair means so much to us as a body of Christ. The fellowship we experience on this special day brings us together in many positive ways, and the community always looks forward to this event as no other. I have heard from many that they joined the church because of the fair – they cherish special and lasting memories and joyous thoughts of this special event in our church life.

It Doesn’t Happen without YOU! As you might expect, the fair requires a lot of organization to make it happen, and the wheels are in motion. We have many volunteers signed up already, but we can always use more – many hands make light work. Your volunteerism is part of what makes this event a success and an integral part of our mission of community outreach. I urge you to volunteer with a sense of joy, knowing that this fellowship event fuels the soul of each of us as we do for others, and sharing this fellowship brings us together in the sunshine of Christ.

Covid: We would be remiss not to mention this important and continuing topic. This year, we will require masks indoors consistent with current guidance for our church members and visitors. We have decided not to host the White Steeple and Crafts this year, due to required proximity etc. Also, you will find that other booths may be moved outside and under tents. We intend to offer all other booths with flexibility as necessary. The grill will be in operation pending clearance from the Health Department of Brookfield. We will work diligently to stay in synch with official government guidance and make further accommodations if and as necessary.

Please find time to participate in this joyous event as you are willing and able. We rise above the current situation to do what CCB has always done, be an important and vibrant part of the community of Christian fellowship, and to serve our community with an uplifting and hopeful social Fair Day event.

Blessings and joy to all,

Your Fair Chair,

Jack Brown

Barn Donation Days

The Barn Team is coming together and we expect a busy year of donations after last year’s hiatus.

Donation days start at 9:00 am, and run through 12 PM – donation dates are: September 11, 18, and 25th

Note that donation days are also dumpster days. This means that certain items which are not saleable due to condition, health restrictions, or which have a history of not moving out on fair day, may be placed in our dumpster for a goodwill donation. Below you will find a list of some of these items, and we ask for your understanding if some of your items are on the list below.


Propane Tanks                          Treadmills                     Outdated Exercise Equipment
Sofa Beds                                Tires                             Mattresses/Box Springs
Bed sheets                               Bed Pillows                  Custom Draperies
Cloth Couches (unless pristine) Knives                    Towels, Sheets, Linens
Non-working electronics             Encyclopedias      Metal desks and metal filing cabinets
Tube TVs (Accept flat screens only)                       Large entertainment centers/TV hutches
Outdated sports equipment (old skis, skates, etc.)
Outdated children’s items (car seats, cribs, etc. – all must meet current regulations)
Broken furniture (cloth in poor condition, missing pieces, chairs without seats)        
Medical equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, or other items of a similar nature)

Large Appliances                      Building Materials  Gas Grills

Your Pastors are Here for You!

Pastoral Care Appointments

Pastor Jen is available for individual pastoral care appointments either in-person or via phone or Zoom.  If you have something that you would like to address or speak with her about, please feel free to reach out,  (External link opens in new tab or or 203-510-4760 cell #) to set up a time to talk and pray together. Note: Pastor Bryn will be on sabbatical through November 21st.  We invite your prayers for her time spent with family and in rest, renewal, and learning during this time.


Worship Opportunities

Labyrinth & Children's Garden:

One of our confirmands recently cleaned over at our Labyrinth - making sure the path is clearly outlined and instructions for use of the labyrinth are posted at the beginning.  We encourage people to stop over to the church and use the labyrinth during this nice weather (while maintaining physical distancing practices).  (Note: Our Labyrinth and the story of how it came to be were recently published in a book of New England Labyrinths, so we are excited to share that with people in our area and beyond.)  Work will also begin soon on our Children's Garden, a garden that will be planted in raised beds around our Labyrinth, where kids will be able to remember loved ones and go to play and pray at our church.
Keep an eye on your email, the Congregational Church of Brookfield Facebook Page, or our website on Sunday morning for the links to join us (and please feel free to share the links with family and friends). Afterward, if you are willing to share a photo of you or your family worshipping with us online that may be used on our CCB Facebook page or website, please send it to External link opens in new tab or   If you have missed any of our online worship services you can find them linked below, and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel External link opens in new tab or windowuccbvideo, where our worship services are archived.

CCB  Office Hours

Our Church Office is generally open from 9am-3:00pm, Monday-Thursday. 

If you are visiting the office, we ask that you wear a mask to keep everyone’s health and safety a priority.   

The church door will remain locked for safety reasons, but our Ring doorbell system helps us to know who is coming to the door. 
If you want to ensure someone will be available to assist you, you can always call ahead to the Church Office at 203-775-1259.

We are an Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ.

Know that "No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!"



 At Home Electronic Worship Options


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